24-09-2019 The Stripe-coated Assassin (rated PG-13) by Abraxas - 1966. When Richard DeVere asks his friends Emma Peel and John Steed for help, he has no idea it will lead him to Grantleigh and a life-changing meeting with Audrey fforbes-Hamilton.Murder, diabolical plots and twisted masterminds are all present as the four band together to unravel the mystery. The only clue? A jar of honey./The New Avengers: Blood Stains (rated PG-13) by Purdey_Child - She thought it awfully sweet that Mike was being so optimistic but she knew there was a high chance that this could be goodbye./Old Friends (rated GEN) by Purdey_Child - What happened when Purdey left Steed and Gambit?/Keith Gooch- The Perfect Cybernaut/ Cover Story (rated T) by Timeless A-Peel - Gambit goes undercover. Purdey comes clean.

31-08-2019 Genesis of the Cybernaut (rated K+) by the stargate time traveller - Dr Armstrong brings the Cybernaut to life. Spoilers for the episodes "The Cybernauts" and "The Return of the Cybernauts" and lastly "Last of the Cybernauts...?"

03-08-2019 Mrs. Peel, We' Are Needed  (1-3/4) by OldiesbutGoldies98 (4 Chapters) - Emma Peel has just walked out of John Steed's life for good...or has she?/ Inked Clue (GEN) by Merfilly - Emma is working a mystery that leads to a Tattooed Lady. (snippet scene)
26-4-2019 The Apprendice and the Beekeeper 5/? by Sparklywaistcoat - Part 5of the young John Steed/Sherlock Holmes crossover/ And All Will Be Well (Audio Fan Fiction) by Sparklywaistcoat - A Cathy Gale/John Steed pairing audio fan fiction piece, set in the aftermath of the Season 3 episode, “The Wringer.” or read the fan fiction/ Fallout (Rated PG) (TNA) by Esgalnen - a story about  Purdey and Gambit would deal with their feeling, hurt and anger, after TNA episode "Hostage"/ A Triptych of Angels (rated PG) (TNA) by Esgalnen -When Purdey gets fatally shot, supernatural forces step in to change the outcome./ Loose Lips (TNA - rated F/M) by Britpacker -   (TNA) Eavesdropping can be painful. Not only for the listener, as Purdey is only too happy to demonstrate./ An Unusual Invitation (rated GEN) by Phantomlistener - Steed sends an invitation; Emma plays along./West End Brolly (rated GEN) by Alexis Rockford/Cassandra Elise -In an alternate universe, Steed works for Mother at an upscale London haberdashery called West End Brolly.../ Same Time Next Year (rated PG) by Timeless A-Peel - One year after Gambit’s mysterious breakdown during an evening out, Purdey and Gambit’s burgeoning romance is challenged by the shadows of his past./Steed (GEN) Kingsmen/The Avengers crossover by Shouldgowork - Kingsman Headquarters was home to more than just its active members./Straight in to Action (rated GEN) by Classicsitcom - A TNA story/ In 26 (rated PG) by Timeless A-Peel - A collection of "New Avengers" shorts covering each of the series' 26 episodes./Impact by Mithras90 - Still reeling from Purdey's near death during 'Target' Gambit is involved in an accident and taken to a nearby hospital. The doctor who treats him has her own history with John Steed, having met him almost ten years before./

01-01-2019 I Like life - fanmade video by Sparklywaistcoat - A little Christmas offering, because Steed likes life./Let It Snow by Avengerness (a small fanfiction mixed with a tiny photo story)/ Mid-Great Dane Short by Celluloidbroomcloset (ratedF/M)  - Set during the episode "Death of a Great Dane." Steed reflects on a shift in his relationship with Cathy./ Spies Belong in the Kitchen (Part 1 and 2/?) by Sparklywaistcoat - a Nero Wolfe/The Avengers crossover/ Way Leads On To Way
 by andveryginger (rated F/M) - He never knew what to do when women cried and he especially didn't know what do when she cried. (Steed/Mrs. Peel.)/ West End Brolly (rated F/M) by Alexis_Rockford (Cassandra_Elise)/Get-A-Way, take 2: Last night I took a walk in the dark (Rated T) by Michael Sharkey - On holiday in America, agent Tara King finds danger, mystery... and something more... at famed Palisades Amusement Park, on its final day of operation/ The Forget-Me-Knot, take 2: Entrance exam (rated K+) by Michael Sharkey - Emma meets Peter Peel/ All Done With Mirrors, take 2: More than the whole world (rated M) by Michael Sharkey/ Same Time Next Year (rated T) by Timeless A-Peel/ Must Be a Tuesday (rated GEN) by rabidsamfan - Steed Takes a Fall -
Mrs Peel Rises to the Occasion/ Peel of Pair (rated GEN) by Liadt - pre-TFMK story/ Blue Christmas by Alexis_Rockford - republished story from 2002 - A short, sad little songfic about how Emma and Steed miss each other at the holidays. Post-Forget-Me-Knot./Mrs.Peel...We're Needed (3chapters) by OldiesbutGoldies98/ Avengers and Agentsot: a crossover -Coulson and Skye meet up with Emma Peel and John Steed courtesy of Doctor Doom's Time Platform.


13-11-2018 Une Petite Auberge Perdue (2018, rated K) by Celine Alba - It's 1977, in the company of Purdey and Gambit, his new partners for more than a year, Steed is in France for a mission where he must remind Mrs. Peel./ Yes or No Please (2018, rated K) by Random Guise - John Steed and Emma Peel are summoned to their next case, but are tested first with a Story with a Hole mystery. Takes place shortly before the arrival of Tara King./ If only (2018, rated K+) by nathanfangirl - Cathy Gale reflects on why John Steed is the perfect man for her. one shot. 

25-10-2018 The Body (2018, rated T) by Timeless A-Peel - TNA story: Purdey finds new scars. Gambit hides old wounds./ The Offer (2018, rated T) by Timeless A-Peel - The villains have been defeated, but Emma's work isn't quite finished. Follows the events of the season four episode "Quick-Quick Slow Death"/ Frozen Out (2018, rated T) by Timeless A-Peel - A Cathy Gale/ John Steed story: Steed is snowed under. Cathy thaws out./ Genius at Cribbing by Alexis_Rockford (2018, rated GEN) - An additional tag to "The Master Minds" where Steed takes a test, and Emma Peel aces it

03-10-2018 Millésime Mortel (4 Chapters) by Celine Alba (2018) -Emma est empoisonnée au champagne. Prise en charge dans un hôpital, son état empire rapidement. Elle a des hallucinations et Steed doit aller enquêter seul, en France, dans un petit village près d'Epernay./ Le Cheval à Bascule (4 Chapters) by Celine Alba (2018) - Ce qui pourrait être le premier épisode d'une saison inédite, en 1977. Emma Peel et John Steed sont de nouveau réunis pour les besoins d'une affaire. Elle est fraîchement divorcée, il habite à la campagne et un savant fou (mais génial) veut tuer des milliers de gens par amour pour Emma. Pas de vraie romance, juste du flirt./ Le Consortium (13 Chapters) by Celine Alba/Au cours d'une enquête en Ecosse, Purdey et Gambit disparaissent. Steed doit faire appel à Emma Peel pour les retrouver et percer le mystère qui entoure un étrange manoir.
Steed et Emma Peel en 1977./ The Apprentice and the Beekeeper (Chapter 4/? ) by Sparklywaistcoat - Another chapter of the Sherlock Holmes & The Avengers crossover story featuring the younger John Steed. / Emma, the Vampire (Story II) - a The Avengers/ Dr. Van Helsing crossover photo story with Peter Capaldi as Van Helsing/ When the Cat's Away (PG)-13) by Britpacker (2018) -  TNA story: When Gambit’s expertise is urgently required by our German friends, Purdey finds herself partnerless – but not for long… / Same Time Next Year by Timeless A-Peel - One year after Gambit’s mysterious breakdown during an evening out, Purdey and Gambit’s burgeoning romance is challenged by the shadows of his past. But as they navigate them together, they find that those shadows have more substance in the present day than either of them realised..

22-07-2018 New Life breathed In (2007) by Spiderxand - After the defeat of August DeWinter, John Steed hears news that takes him across the Atlantic. A The Avengers/ James Bond crossover./ A Wicked Liaison by lost_spook/thisbluespirit - John Steed is a mysterious figure. Gentleman by day, he steals secrets for the government by night. When Tosh finds a man in her bedroom late at night, her first instinct is to call for help -a The Avengers/Torchwood crossover/ The Chaper by Timeless A-Peel - Prequel to part 9 of a new Arc. Gambit takes his leave. Emma gets back in the game.

05-05-2018 Spies Like Who? (PG) by clarissafrench - What happens when the TARDIS lands outside John Steed's flat in 1960s London? A The Avengers/Doctor Who crossover featuring the Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, the Brigadier and Sarah Jane Smith/ Old Friends (rated M/mature/adult) by Saye0036 - A The Avengers/ James Bond AU crossover where M did not die at Skyfall but faked her death with the hepl of some friend - one of them a certain Emma Peel Peel/ AU - Meme: Emma Peel - 10 scenarios by lost_spook/ No Fizz (GEN) by Liadt - Dark days for the British nation, but our heroes are on the case.

24-4-2018 The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend (PG) by Sparkywaistcoat- chapter 3 of The Avengers/ James Bond crossover       The Young Avenger (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - World War II. A traumatic war experience haunts young John Steed (Young Steed chronicles fanart for the story made by Avengerness)

24-3-2018 Guess Who's Coming for Dinner chapter 1 by Sparklywaistcoat - The Avengers meet the Addams Family (crossover)

28-2-2018 Two's a Crowd (PG)- alternate tag by Sparklywaistcoat - Don’t Make Emma Angry. You Won’t Like Her When She’s Angry./ Infidelity (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed and Mrs. Peel meet after several months apart. Post-TFMK/ Best Laid Plans (T) by Timeless A-Peel - Gambit's birthday is coming up, and Purdey has ideas. Lots of ideas./ XJS (rated M) by Timeless A-Peel - Purdey sits in the driver's seat. Gambit goes along for the ride. Mind the rating!

11-2-2018 The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend part 2/? by Sparklywaistcoat - due to an important nuclear science conference Steed's department has to work with the MI6, and Steed with James Bond, his old foe from Eton times

4-2-2018 Untitled post "Silent Dust" fanfiction by Afterperfect/ The Aventures of Captain Steed -Young Steed Chronicles:  Invitation to a Round Robin/ The Apprentice and the Beekeeper - three chapters by Sparklywaistcoat - young John Steed meets a Mr. Holmes/ The Emeny of My Ememy Is My Friend - 1/? by Sparklywaistcoat - due to an important nuclear science conference Steed's department has to work with the MI6, and Steed with James Bond, his old foe from Eton times/ Fire in the Disco - by Timeless A-Peel - Purdey an Gambit spend an evening down the disco. What could possibly happen.../ Yes Or No, Please by Random Guise - John Steed and Emma Peel are summoned to their next case, but are tested first with a Story with a Hole mystery. Takes place shortly before the arrival of Tara King. /Fire Light and Gun Fights (rated T) by Timeless A-Peel - Gambit, Purdey, and Steed chase their quarry out into the snow, and wind up stranded for their trouble/  In the Stars - The Avengers/Zodiac crossover (rated T) by Timeless A-Peel - Purdey looks for signs. Gambit sees stars. Esther reads the room. Grad stays in the dark. /


25 -12-2017 Christmas Day - Christmas Competition 2017: The Christmas Promise by Celluloidbroomcloset/ Tidings of Comfort and Joy by Afterperfect - sometime after TFMK/ Of Angels and Dolls by Avengerness - Have you ever wondered about the doll on top of Steeds's Christmas Tree?

21-11-2017 Patched Up (rated T) by Timeless A-Peel - TNA: Purdey puls the threat. Gambit is stiched up./ Yes Or No Please (rated K) by Random Guise - John Steed and Emma Peel are summoned to their next case, but are tested first with a Story with a Hole mystery. Takes place shortly before the arrival of Tara King. I don't own these characters, but I have bent an umbrella using it for other purposes./Diversions (rated T) by Timeless A-Peel - TNA: A collection of AUs taking Purdey and Gambit where they’ve never gone before… - 

18-6-2017 Quite Glorified Uncle - Chapter 16-17 (GEN) by Sparkywaistcoat - Will Steed and his sister Helen find out the truth behind the mysterious puzzle?/ "Black Roses Are Rare" - untitled fanfiction - Post series 4 - The Danger Makers story by Afterperfect - Is there a difference between reckless bravado and braveness?/This Could Be the Start (GEN) by mat 528 - An AU story “on the historic first meeting of John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel”/ The New Avengers in Canada - collection of several short TNA stories by Timeless A-Peel/ AWOL - a TNA story by Timeless A-Peel - "Purdey feels lost. Gambit can't be found."

7-5-2017 Quite Glorified Uncle - Chapter 11-15 (Gen) by Sparklywaistcoat - Why is a mysterious puzzle with a peculiar printing on it's back a dangerous thing? 


13-4-2017 Quite Glorified Uncle chapter 8/ chapter 9 (GEN) by Sparklywaistcoat - Why is a mysterious puzzle with a peculiar printing on it's back a dangerous thing? 

5-2-2017 Quite Glorified Uncle,  parts 6 and 7 (GEN) by Sparklywaistcoat - Is a mysterious puzzle with a peculiar printing on it's back a dangerous thing?/ Expelled from School 3/3 (GEN) by Avengerness - Young Steed Chronicles #1

30-1-2017 Expelled from School 2/3 (GEN) by Avengerness - Young Steed Chronicles #1

28-1-2017 Where There's Smoke also known as: Smoke Without Fire (unrated) by Mint Julip/ First Impressions (unrated) by Sula Bassana

22- 1-2017  The British Avengers (unrated) by The Guid - A multifandom story including The Avengers, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock and a few others

19-1-2017 Quite Glorified Uncle (part 5) (GEN) by Sparklywaistcoat - Is a mysterious puzzle with a peculiar printing on it's back a dangerous thing?/ Scenes From a Stream of Coincidence (GEN) by Kowarth - a The Avengers/The Saint crossover pairing Dr David Keel and Simon Templar

8-1-2017 Expelled From School (GEN) by Avengerness - Young Steed Chronicles/ An Incident at the Border  The Early Years series #1 (PG) by Avengerness - pre series one story; December 1959. Somewhere near the Austria-Hungarian border/Reunion by MyOwnSuperintendent - after some years, Cathy sees Steed again--and things are both the same as and different from the way they were before.

6-1-2017 Quite Glorified Uncle chapter 1, chapter 2 , chapter 3chapter 4 (GEN) by Sparklywaistcoat - Uncle John is on a special mission.../ 'She ought to be happy' by author untitled story (GEN) by Afterperfect -TFMK, companion to  'Goodbye Steed' (GEN) - by author untitled story, by Afterperfect

31-12-2016 Untitled story (GEN) by Afterperfect -   A Steed/Emma story set during You Have Just Been Murdered -Steed is not jealous of George Unwin.

29-12-2016 The Morning After the Night Before  (GEN) by Sparklywaistcoat - Brodny, Emma, and Steed having a night on the town, but happend the morning after?/ Two Is a Crowd - Alternate Tag Scene (GEN) by Sparklywaistcoat - "Don't make Emma anry. You won't likeher when she is angry."/ Quite Glorified Uncle part 1 (GEN) by Sparklywaistcoat

25-12-2016 Four X-MAS fanfiction stories written for The Avengers Christmas Competition 2016 on Tumblr: 

A Frozen Pond (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset/ Christmas- Bits and Pieces (GEN) by Avengerness/ Lonely This Christmas (GEN) by Lotsofbrolly/ Untitled Christmas story (GEN) by Afterperfect/  Do You Believe in Santa Claus?/ Photostory by Avengerness/

The Avengers Christmas Stories list

10-12-2016 Lucifer's Scourge (T) by Bitshifter - Fifth part in the Steed-Rita Fox series: Steed faces the past. Rita is spellbound.

5-12-2016 Bad Timing (GEN) - by Agent_Acos  post The Forget-Me-Knot fanfiction. Why does Peter Peel look like Steed - because he is John Steed; a The Avengers/ Doctor Who crossover story/ Untitled story - a post The Forget-Me-Knot fanfiction (GEN) by Afterperfect - Steed's avoids bad luck - Emma leaves her past behind.

26-11-2016 The Flyer (GEN) by Agent_Acos - a short post TNA To Catch a Rat story 

19-11-2016 First Time (Adult/18+) by Agent_Acos  - Did John Steed have a thing for Martin King? A The Avengers slash fanfiction, pairing Steed and Martin King/ Learning to Be (rated T) by Timeless-A-Peel - TNA fanfiction, A new dynamic. Some things change. Some stay the same. Purdey and Gambit negotiate the ins and outs of both as best they can. Set post- fanfiction 'Til Death'/ The Booksworms (rated T) by Bitshifter, part 1/5 of a series with John Steed and Rita Fox, taken place at the time between series 3 and series 4/ Death Maze Part 2: Steeds goes to the dogs, Rita finds her way, Brighton Beach Part 3: Steed takes a holiday. Rita gets a tan, Spanish Tango Part 4: Steed is unmasked. Rita meets a suave thief , Lucifer's Scourge Part 5:Steed faces the past. Rita is spellbound.

6-11-2016 Three, take away one (PG) by Rapidsam - TNA story/ Keeping Warm (Adult/18+) by Rapidsam - TNA story/ New Found Land (PG) by Rapidsam - TNA story takes place after Forward Base and Emily. / Mine Story (PG) by Rapidsam - story follows Angel of Death/Cybernauts (story only available on request) by Trevor Dower - A deadly virus and the unstoppable Cybernauts... an impossible mission?/ The Unseen Future by Trevor Dower - How did Colonel Jones become invisible? Suspend your thoughts on The Avengers history for The Avengers Movie history in this prequel. 

5-11-2016 Eines Tages... (GEN/ German language) by Green Bentley- Once again Steed has managed to annoy Cathy Gale

28-10-2016 Untitled story (PG) by Afterperfect - a post Murdersville story - Emma is tired. Steed tells a lie.

25-10-2016 Untitled story (PG) written by Afterperfect - a post Room Without a View  story - Steed has a dream. Emma has confidence/  A Toy for Steed (NSFW/ Adult/18+) by Agent_Acos ; pairing Steed - Emma Peel

8-7-2016     A Spy's Goodbye - Part 1; Part 2  (G) by Noblegirl91 - Steed and Mrs Peel meet for the last time? Set after TFMK;What Happened Last Night  (PG) by Noblegirl91 - Steed/Mrs Peel have a hangover...

3-7-2016 Verschlusssache: C. (PG) by Avengerness - the first part of a The Avengers (series 3)/ Doctor Who crossover fanfiction
(German language)/ Spanish Tango (T) by Bitshifter - Fourth part in the John Steed - Rita Fox series

20-6-2016 Der Märchenmörder (unrated/German language) by Mrs Steele - Will this Christmas be a nightmare for Steed and Mrs Peel?/ Tödlicher Duft (unrated/German language) by Mrs Steele - Can Steed and Mrs Peel garantee the Queen's safety?/ Bunt, süß, tödlich (unrated/ German language) by Mrs Steele - The Avengers investigate when two veterans are comitting acts of sabotage 

7-6-2016 Arabian Nights (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - To Steed's (and Emma's) delight Mrs Peel re-enact his erotic dream from the end of Death’s Door.

25-3-2016 When the Lights Go Down (PG) by Johnstone McGuckian - A doctor Who/The Avengers crossover, where John Steed meets the second doctor/ An Automotive Interlude (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset  - The Bentley is good for anything! Steed and Mrs. Peel enjoying themselves./ A Spy's Godby (G) by Noblegirl91 - Steed and Emma Peel meet one the last time

14-2-2016 Costumes and Cavalary (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset -Steed and Mrs. Peel attend a costume ball.

13-2-2016 A Bump in the Road (GEN) by Nothingeverlost - Steed and Mrs Peel: how it all began, based on the story told in "How to Succeed... in Murder" /  Bowler Hats and Leather  Boots (PG-15) by Cellluloidbroomcloset - Cell decided to rewrite a scene from The Avengers film determined to make it a bit more sexy ( related to The Avengers film 1998)

29-1-2016 A Knight and her Steed (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - How would Steed react over having nearly lost her? A post The House that Jack Built story pairing Steed and Emma Peel/ Silence (Adult/18+) Teasing competition - who will give up first? Steed and Emma Peel pairing/Sekt oder Selters (The Champagne Murderer) (PG) by Mrs Steele -  Steed and Mrs Peel reunit at Steed's fairwell party, but then hell breaks loose - Prendergast is back (German language)/ Tea with Mrs Peel (PG) by Gribouille (French language)

29-12-2015 Tis the Season to Be Murdered (GEN) by Anonymous - Emma decks the halls. Steed's away with the fairies. (Contribution to the Yuletide Contest 2015)/ A Christmas Gift (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed and Mrs. Peel go Christmas shopping for Steed’s nephew (Contribution to The Avengers Christmas Competition 2015)/ Daleks and Tardises a small The Avengers/ Dr Who crossover photo story related to Celluloidbroomcloset's fanfiction A Christmas Gift

4-12-2015  Feathers (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed has an idea for the use of a certain feather from “The Fear Merchants.”/ Alex Pinfold - A Very Strange Report - Tara King Fanfiction

Several former thought lost stories found! 
J.A.P Llyod -The Story of the Sickly Sadist by J.A.P. Lloyd (Steed gets injured; Emma turns to pacifism)/Freeze-Thaw by J.A.P. Lloyd (In response to the unfilmed Martin Woodhouse script, Rip Van Winkle)/They Keep Killing Tara by J.A.P. Lloyd (Written in March 1997 before I had seen the one with Steed!)/They Keep Killing Steed (Chapters One to Five now online!)By J.A.P. Lloyd (Now takes place in Germany in 1977)/Invasion of the Earthmen by J.A.P. Lloyd (Revision with Steed and Emma)/When the Clock Struck Twelve by Caroline/A Plague of Revenge by Ashley Spencer/Evil In A Tiny Package by Ashley Spencer/Criminally Insane by Ashley Spencer

10-10-2015 Agree to Differ (GEN) by lost_spook - a  Doctor Who (1963) / The Avengers crossover: The Master has an unusual but effective temporary ally.../Passing Gifts (GEN) by lost_spook - a Doctor Who (1963)/ The Avengers crossover: The Sixth Doctor has a question for Emma../Enough (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - pairing Steed and Cathy

16-9-2015 Words of Wisdom (K) by Timeless A-Peel - Gambit asks the questions. Steed has all the answers./The New Avengers: Birthday (K+) by Purdey Child/The Avengers - After the Undertakers (PG) set Steed -Cathy pairing by Celluloidbroomcloset/ Only Human (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - A post-Surfeit H2O story - Emma battles a cold/ A Dynamic (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - what would have happened in Death at Bargain Prices if Mrs. Peel had not had a paper to prepare...

26-7-2015 Reunited (part 1, 2, 3 GEN, part 4what would have happened in Death at Bargain Prices if Mrs. Peel had not had a paper to prepare 18+/Adult) by Celluloidbroomcloset - a post TNA reunion story pairing Emma Peel and John Steedt asks the questions. Steed has all the answers.

30-6-2015 The Four Heads Are Better Than Two Affair (PG-15) by Nothingeverlost - "This is becoming a very bad habit," Emma thought to herself when she awoke to find herself bound to a chair./ Meeting Again (GEN) by Nothingeverlost - The years had been kind to her; she looked almost exactly the same as she had that spring day he had last seen her./ One Is A Lonely Number (GEN) by Nothingeverlost -“Not in the mood for champagne?” Steed said with over-dramatic horror. “But that can’t be true.”/

23-6-2015 Where Did They Go? by Liadt (GEN) - Mrs Peel and Steed wake up to find the hotel they are staying in is deserted./ Who would you choose? (GEN) by Liadt  - Mrs Peel rescues the Doctor; The Avengers/ Dr Who crossover/ A Turnip By Any Other Name (GEN) by Lost_spook - In the temporary absence of Mrs Peel, Steed has another, considerably less satisfactory partner/ Ton-Plus-Ten (Adult/ 18*) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed/Cathy pairing; et directly after Build a Better Mousetrap. Incidentally, “ton plus ten” means that Cathy was able to do a 100 mph (a “ton”) plus 10. That’s how fast she can race./Breach In The Wall - Part 2 (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed/Purdey pairing/ Reunited Part 1 (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Post- TNA : Seddi - could Steed and Emma Peel have a future together?/ Buttercups and Bumblebees (GEN) by Sysann - pairing Steed/Tara set after All Done With Mirrors

23-5-2015 Uncharacteristic (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - a post TNA story pairing Steed and Cathy Gale/ Stay with Me (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - a Steed/ Cathy Gale drabble set after the traumatic events in The Wringer/ The Country Cottage by Celluloidbroomcloset - three parts story about Steed and Emma Peel spend a weekend away at Steed's country cottage Part 1 and Part 2 (Adult/18*), Part 3 (PG)/ Sheep in Wolf's Clothing (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed and Mrs Gale pairing/ Breach in the Wall - Part 1of 2 (PG) - TNA alternate universe story pairing John Steed/Purdey "in the sense that it’s what might have happened if Mark had not destroyed Steed’s place in Dead Men Are Dangerous."/A Touch of Fire (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - a Steed/Emma Peel post A Touch of Brimstone story/ Bad Girl (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed/Cathy Gale - takes place after The Little Wonders/ If Wishes Were Horses (GEN) by Sysann - mulit character story/ Fairytales (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed /Cathy story which takes place after An Evening

26-4-2015 An Evening (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - John Steed and Cathy Gale meet after many years again/ Inseperable (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - A drabble about the ending of The Positive-Negative Man/ Different (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - The new partnership between Tara and Steed is different compared to that one he had with Emma Peel in many ways/ A True Gentleman (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - a small Tara-Steed pairing story that takes place early in their partnership/Horseplay (T/Adult/18+) by Sysann - Cathy and Steed, story takes place after Built a Better Mousetrap/ Familiar by Sysann - Cathy- Steed pairing/ Photographs (Adult/ 18+)  by Sysann - Cathy Gale- Stee pairing story that takes place after The White Elefant/ With or without you (T) by Sysann - Takes place after episode Have Guns, Will Haggle; Tara/Steed as a background

6-4-2015  the following are Meme challenge stories:  Untitled - Request # 18 (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed/Emma Pairing/ Untitled fanfiction by Celluloidbroomcloset (PG) - Steed/Cathy pairing: story takes  place directly after Conspiracy of Silence, and right before Six Hands Across the Table/ Trapped - Request # 9 (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed/Cathy pairing/ Promises (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed/Cathy Pairing/ Secrets (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Cathy/Steed pairing//

 A Domestic scene (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Cathy/Steed pairing takes place after The Wringer/ Replacements (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed/Tara pairing ( and a bit of Emma Peel -sort of)/ An Italian Honeymoon XI - final chapter (Adult/ 18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset/ Photographs (Adult/18+) by Sysann - takes place about a week or two after The White Elephant/  With or without you (PG) by Sysann - set after Have Guns, Will Haggle,  Tara/Steed as a background (due to it being a companion to Careless), hints on Cathy/Steed /With or without you by Sysann - Cathy’s perspective for Careless

18-3-2015 An Italian Honeymoon - Part X (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - last but one part of the honeymoon story/ A short  Steed - Tara drabble by Celluloidbroomcloset/ You Shall Go to the Ball by Liadt - Steed finds a statuesque beauty/ Emma acts as a fairy Godmother -a Valentine's Day fic with Steed/ Emma Peel/Cynthia Wentworth-Howe

8-3-2015 A Gentleman's Sport (GEN) by Lotsofbrolly - a TNA story, elder Steed realizes that he is missing something in his life.../The Purple Peril Plot (GEN) by Alex Pinfold - a The Avengers and The Champions crossover that features Tara King

7-3-2015 An Italian Honeymoon Part IX (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - the dangerous honeymoon of Steed and Emma continues/
An Italian Evening (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset- an interlude of The Italian Honeymoon  that "would have happened after Emma was injured and the pair had to move to a hotel instead of the yacht."/This Time of Year (GEN) by Lotsofbrolly - a bittersweet TNA Steed story/ Fools Fall in Love (Adult/18+) 2/3 and   1/3 by Sysann- /John Steed and Cathy Gale after Death Dispatch Alternate Ending Part 2 of Fools Fall in Love

27-2-2015   Small scene (dialogue) between Cathy Gale and Purdey by Violetimpudence/ Schiphol, March 1969 (GEN) by Violetimpudence - Tara King and Emma Peel accidently meet at Schiphol airport, set after series 6 episode Who Was That Man I Saw You With / Fools Fall in Love 1/3, 2/3  (Adult/ 18+) by Sysann - Cathy Gale/John Steed pairing, story set after Death Dispatch/ An Interlude by Celluloidbroomcloset (Adult/ 18+) - Steed/Cathy, during The Golden Fleece/ A Good Soak (Adult/18+) by CelluloidbroomclosetSteed takes a bath during The Golden Fleece and finds his mind wandering.

13-2-2015 Bibliography of fictional and non-fictional books about The Avengers added/ You're not intruding (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - A rewrite of that scene from Dead Man’s Treasure/ Dark and Light (Adult/ 18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - A Cathy/Steed story set after Six Hands at the Table/ Happy New Year (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - a Cathy/Steed story set around episode Dressed to Kill / You're Needed (GEN)by Celluloidbroomcloset -  John Steed, Mrs. Peel, Purdey and Gambit having dinner together/ Two Girls (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - John Steed and Cathy Gale take the dog for a walk/ An Italian Honeymoon Part VIII (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed confronts the Major about Ventman, while Emma tracks down the meaning behind Dante/ Lucrezia and Tarzan (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - A short Steed/Cathy fic about that pile of pillows in Death of a Great Dane/ Good Night Mrs Peel (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - While away on assignment, Steed misses Mrs. Peel…

1-3-2015 Updates in The Lost Fanfiction section


25-12-2014 The Avengers Christmas Stories - with three new The Avengers Fanfiction stories from the 1st The Avengers Fanfiction Christmas Competition 2014/ A night at the Opera (GEN) by Anonymous / Who nose (rated F/M) by Liadt - Steed wants to prepare himself for the Artic/ The Twelve Days of Christmas (K) by Esteed/ What do you have in mind? (Adult/18+) by Lotsofbrolly

20-12-2014 Down to Sleep (GEN) and Knee-Jerk-Reaction (GEN) by Très Méchante / Amnesia (PG),  Hollow Reward (PG), A Far Better Thing Part 1 and Part 2 (PG) by Edna Blackedder

14-12-2014  In the Dark Part 6 (GEN) of the Steed/Mrs Gale story by Sysann/  Between a Man and a Woman Part 1 (PG) by Sysann - a Cathy Gale- Steed pairing story/ Good Girl (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Cathy has some difficulty sleeping and takes steps. Happens after The Wringer/ Mistletoe (K+) by Anxious 4 - A The New Avengers where Purdey, Gambit and Steed celebrate Christmas./ Til Death by Timeless-A-Peel story updated on December 7th - A TNA story: Following their return from Canada, the team is called upon to investigate accusations of treason levelled at one of Steed's old friends. Their inquiries uncover a larger plot, one which will have lasting consequences for the triumvirate...

23-11-2014 Pas de ça entre nous ? (K+/PG) by Camille-Miko -"Emma était délicieuse, comme toujours. Ils avaient été conviés à une sauterie par l'un des amis de Steed. Elle se faisait en l'honneur de l'arrivée de l'été et toutes les femmes présentes semblaient avoir choisi des mini-jupes colorées."/ The Unobtrusive Guest Chapter 3 (rated T) by Bitshifter/ In the Dark Part 5 (GEN), by Sysann

20-11-2014 The Defectors Part 3, Part 2, Part 2 - not a fan fiction but a fan made script for another Cathy Gale episode from Rumble-Comics / A Cabin in the Highlands - Part 4 , Part III (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset -  in part 3 Steed and Cathy hole up in a small cabin, Cathy is faced with her partner’s continued conviction of his own treachery…and her inability to break through to him,  in part 4 of the story Steed and Cathy come to terms with what happened in the Highlands/The Curtain Rises (18+/Adult) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed and Emma attempt to go to the theatre, but have difficulties getting there. /In the Dark Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, Part1  by Sysann - a Steed and Cathy story where Cathy has a daughter/ Delicate by Sysann (Adult/ 18+) - Cathy Gale / John Steed a post The Mauritius Penny ? story

2-11-2014  If that's what you need Chapter 1 (Adult/18+), Chapter 2, Chapter 3 (Adult/18+) by Sysann - another Cathy Gale and John Steed story/A Cabin in the Highland Part II (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed and Cathy are forced to flee from the Unit, but Steed still believes he’s a traitor (post The Wringer story)/ Captivitated (Adult/18+) by Sysann- pairing Cathy Gale and John Steed/Roses (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed has a sweet present for Mrs Peel.../ An Italian Honeymoon (Part VII) (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset- the saga of the Steeds continues as Steed tells about the Cairo affair

19-10- 2014 A Cabin in the Highlands (Part I) by Celluloidbroomcloset (PG) - What happened after the escape from The Winger? a Cathy Gale/John Steed story/ Fall at Your Feet Part 4 and Part 5 (Adult/18+) by Sysann - an alternate universe story where Cathy and not Tara became Steed's partner after The Forget-Me-Knot / A Warm and Tender Embrace (GEN) by Lotsofbrolly

11-10- 2014 Run (PG 13) by Sysann - a small Steed-Peel story/ A Matter of Trust by Sysann (PG) - a post The Forget-Me-Knot story/ Fall at your feet (1) (PG) by Sysann Chapter 2 (Adult/18+), Chapter 3 (Adult/ 18+) - an Alternate Universe story where Cathy is Steed "new" partner after Emma Peel left in TFMK/ The Four Poster Bed (Adult/ 18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - a Steed-Emma after Too Many Christmas Trees story

2-10-2014 A Well Planned Country Weekend Retreat - Chapter 3 /Chapter 4 (PG) by Lotsofbrolly (chapter 1 and 2)/ Nothing Without a Woman (PG) by Sysann - Emma Knight and Cathy Gale meet at Steed's funeral/ 74-75 (PG) by Sysann - a Peter and Emma Peel -Steed story/ Catch the Wind (PG) by Sysann pairing Steed and Emma Peel/ Independent Love Song (PG-13) by Sysann/ Bliss (PG) by Sysann/ In My Command (PG) by Sysann/ We're Each Other (PG) by Sysann/ Do You Remember the First Time (PG) by Sysann/ Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear (PG) by Sysann/ Afterglow (PG) by Sysann

28-9-2014 An Italian Honeymoon Part VI by Celluloidbroomcloset (GEN) - after the events in part V Steed  begins to explain the significance of the beaded necklace./ Link updates in section Photo fiction

24-9- 2014 Who Need's Who (GEN) by Lotsofbrolly /  The Whole World (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - a companion piece to Hush Little Baby / The Afternoon Ride (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset

16-9-2014 It’s all in the little details (GEN) by Lotsofbrolly - a Emma Peel and John Steed Seddi fan fiction/ A Matter of Trust (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - will Emma ever trust Steed again after what happened in Two's a crowd ?

15-9-2014  Flowers are so cliched aren’t they? (GEN) by Lotsofbrolly - "Just another little SEDDI SFW fic. Set during the Emma Peel era 1965-1967"/  Post “The Forget Me Knot” AU (GEN) by Mtcsquared/  Champagne and Giggles (GEN) by Lotsofbrolly - ...when Steed gets a bit tipsy/A Bottle of Champagne Is Not As Innocent As It Looks (PG) by Lotsofbrolly - a small SEDDI fan fiction

13-9-2014 The Woman with Auburn Hair (Adult/18+) the complete story by Lotsofbrolly - A very long TNA story,where someone lays a dangerous plot against Mrs Peel and John Steed/ Another Interlude (Adult/ 18+) by Celluloidcroomcloset - a small scene that happens after Part IV of An Italian Honeymoon

1-9-2014 The Woman with Auburn Hair continues by Lotsofbrolly (GEN) chapter 14 - "Steed paced the floor of his flat. The third glass of brandy in his hand nearly empty..." /Avengers and Agents by Skypilot - The Avengers and Marvels The Avengers crossover/ Girl Talk (GEN) by MacBeth - a The Avengers and Marvel The Avengers crossover where Natasha Romanov meets Emma Peel/ An Italian Honeymoon (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset -  chapter five of Steed's and Emma's adventure in the Mediterranian

29-8-2014 1962  by Mtcsquared (PG) - complete story in three parts. How Steed and Emma Peel met for the first time in 1962.

24-8-2014 An Italian Honeymoon, Part 4 (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset  - the Sicily honeymoon of the Steed's continues

23-8-2014 1962 by mtcsquared (PG) - a story in three parts. How Steed and Emma Peel met for the first time. Part 1, Part 2 - Like a River, Part 3/ The Woman with Auburn Hair by Lotsofbrolly (GEN) Chapters 4,5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13

17-8-2014 The Woman With Auburn Hair by Lotsofbrolly (GEN) - a Steed and Mrs Peel TNA story Chapter 2, Chapter 3/ The Black Eye - Wanting is not the same as having - a small Steed-Cathy-Emma photo fiction

13-8-2014  The Avengers: A Fair Man - Part 3 by Celluloidbroomcloset (Adult/18+);    The Avengers: All the Fish in the Sea by Celluloidbroomcloset (GEN) - short fic involving Steed and Emma at a zoo./ One-Off by Timeless-A-Peel (rated PG-16/ Mature 16+) - AU. There could never have been a double. Purdey realises that now. Vividly. Set after the events of the episode "Faces."

22-7-2014 Til Death (rated T) by Timeless A -Peel - Eighth in a series. Following their return from Canada, the team is called upon to investigate accusations of treason levelled at one of Steed's old friends. Their inquiries uncover a larger plot, one which will have lasting consequences for the triumvirate... /The Long Night (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed/Cathy fic, dealing with the aftermath of the episode “Don’t Look Behind You.” /Hush Little Baby (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - A brief and uninhibited piece of fluff in which Steed and Emma are a happy couple./ Finger of Fate by Alexey Sidorov - Steed's last adventure in Linzia (three chapers so far...) - Language is Russian/use Google translate if you do not speak Russian

29-6-2014 Witchcraft (Adult/ 18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - A Steed and Cathy Gale story. Takes place right after Warlock.

24-6-2014 Peel of a Pair (GEN) by Liadt -  A Steed and Emma Peel story: “I initially thought you had taken up with a new man.”/ Avengers and Agents by Skypilot: a crossover -Coulson and Skye meet up with Emma Peel and John Steed courtesy of Doctor Doom's Time Platform.

20-6-2014 The Secrets Trust (GEN) by Alex Pinfold - a The Avengers/ Dr Who crossover. "Its a Steed and Tara story as I’m primarily a Tara fan, and it also features a couple of characters from my main fandom Doctor Who - but it really doesn’t matter if you have never seen that show or know any of the characters. There is no crossover of series continuity, just a fun re-use of characters who were on British television screens at the same time."

17-6-2014  Training Agent: Anna (rated T) by Elements of Sapphire - Its 1984 and Anna is on her first mission as a trainee, in the safe hands of her instructors Mike Gambit and Purdey. With Steed out of sight and no debriefing, will she be able to figure the clues with only the bare hints her comrades bequeath to her? / Aches and Pains (rated Adult/ 18+) by  Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed and Emma reunited story takes place after Injuries

20-5-2014 The Keyhole (Adult/18*) by Maye Faire - Emma does what she has wanted to do

16-5-2014 An Italian Honeymoon, Part II- The Trattoria Drago (PG) and An Italian Honeymoon Part III - Complications (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset/ Strawberries and Champagne (Adult/18+)  by Celluloidbroomcloset

23-4-2014 The Anniversary (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Short little Steed/Cathy fic. Cathy remembers some moments from her past.

21-4-2014 The (Im)perfect Weekend - Photo fanfiction story by Bobbyischtar added in Photofanfiction section

21-4-2014 Stories by Trevor Dower based on The Avengers movie. The unseen future – How did Colonel Jones become invisible? / Steed's day -A search for smuggled diamonds reveals much more/ Mrs Peel's day – What secrets hiden in the depths of Hallucinogen hall? /Polymorphism – A prequel featuring Sir August de Wynter/ The Avengers II – A sea of rain-

A plan to destroy the Moon brings Steed and Peel back for another adventure / The Avengers III: Paths of Angels - The Avengers investigate a weapon of no destruction? / The Avengers IV: The ashes of memories -The son of Sir August wreaks havoc! /The Avengers V: Cybernauts - A deadly virus and the unstoppable Cybernauts... an impossible mission?You have to sent a request to the autor to get the stories at : http://www.theavengers-movie.com/

14-4-2014 An Italian Honeymoon - Part 1: The Telegram (SFW/PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset ("The Honeymoon" was first the working title for the story; in August 2014 Celluloidbroomcloset choose "An Italian Honeymoon" as the title) - a longer story about Steed and Emma’s honeymoon;  this one is going to be a multichapter.

9-4-2014 Even dirtier (rated K+) by Rabidsamfan - An alternate ending to "Dirtier by the Dozen" where Steed doesn't show up in the nick of time./ Til Death (rated T) by Timelessapeel - Eighth in a series. Following their return from Canada, the team is called upon to investigate accusations of treason levelled at one of Steed's old friends. Their inquiries uncover a larger plot, one which will have lasting consequences for the triumvirate.../  The Canine Conundrum (rated T) by Bitshifter - The seventeenth in a series.
Extraordinary crimes against the people—and the state—are being carried out by a pack of robotic Welsh Corgis...
Completes the "Terrier Trilogy" started by "The Thin Spy" and "The Zed Files".

8-4-2014 Die Mauer (Chapters 1-5) (GEN) by Green Bentley - "Because of Berlin...."  - Steed and Cathy Gale on a mission Berlin in August 1961; three new chapters of the story (language is German)

5-4-2014 Operation "Goldener Herzog" - by Alexey Sidorov (German translation from Russian) - What happened in top secret laboratory in Linzia? John Steed's adventures in  Linzia  -   Read it in the Russian original : Золотой Герцог

4-4-2014 Sympatico (18+/Adult)  by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed and Emma finally got married, but willtheir wedding night  run as they imagine it?

15-3-2014 The Kiss (Adult/ 18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Happens around the first time Steed and Mrs peel go to Paris together./ Here and there (rated T) by NekyuToi -The rain not impeding on their work schedule, Emma Peel and John Steed face up to the latest threat the national security: a strange new device which teleports people to and fro other dimensions. Could three new faces have appeared from another world?

9-3-2014 Injuries (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed is injured, Emma lends a hand. Takes place after they are together once more in The New Avengers.

23-2-2014 The Avengers stories from Russia (language is Russian) there are a few stories and comics on the Russian Steedumbrella site

15-2-2014 Return (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - A TNA story when Steed and Emma find each other and the "morning after"/
A dance (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - a little imaginary beginning of Steed and Emma’s relationship; connected to Celluloidbroomcloset's stories A Flash of Auburn Hair, The Man in the Bowler Hat, The Teddy Bear, and A Sparring Session.

27-1-2014 Allegro (Adult/18) by Celluloidbroomcloset - a Steed and Cathy Gale story. Takes place after the Cathy Gale episode Concerto, in which Steed burns his hands trying to escape.

26-1-2014  Quick, Quick, Slow (Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - "Steed wondered if he should ever tire of watching her undress."

20-1-2014 Horse racing ( Adult/ 18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed and Mrs. Peel attend a party, with predictable results/ The Blonde Ballerina (rated T) by Elements of Sapphire - TNA Major Gambit decides an evening at the ballet is what's in order; the only question is did he expect to have that much insight into the distant future?/ Cold affection ( rated K) by LizisDead - TNA Just some short friendship between Purdey and Steed/ Well visit (Adult/ 18+) by ObserveroftheUniverse - Set during The Gravediggers. In which Steed and Emma have a bit of fun with that nurses' uniform./My heart belongs to Daddy (GEN) by Liadt - crossover Public Eye/ The Avengers - Frank finds himself down a dark and not so lonely street, Steed and Mrs Peel are in pursuit of a drink./ The man with two shadows (PG) by Bobbyischtar - a photo fiction

12-1-2014 Fanfictions from former Fanzines on the AVENGERSANEW site : Run, rabbit run by K. Linden / The perfect Assassin by K. Linden/ Debt paid in blood by (K.Linden)"First TNA story in the fan-made "Karenina Chronicles" series, which featured original character (and Mary Sue) Karenina Bosov, a woman from Steed's past. " / Night and day (K.Linden) "Second TNA story in the "Karenina Chronicles." The character went on to cross-over with several other TV series characters, such as Remington Steele, but also appeared with the TNA cast on other occasions. Sadly, these are the only two I have at the moment". Summary by Avengersanew.com/A matter of life and death by Cindy Phares "When a fellow agent is jailed on a murder charge and sentenced to death in a foreign country, Steed sends Gambit into the prison to aid in his escape. Getting arrested proves easy. Surviving the brutal prison conditions is much more difficult, as Gambit finds out the hard way."/ Sleeping bear Gambit by Steve Mabon and Cindy Stabile "centres around Steed's untimely demise, and the after-effects as Purdey and Gambit try to carry on without him. Gambit throws himself into a romance with a Purdey lookalike, neglecting the real Purdey, who fears her mind is unraveling... "
Summaries by   Avengersanew.com/ A first ( Adult/18+) by Bootsandbowlers . Something is new and unexpected for Emma./ The tie pin by Celluloidbroomcloset (GEN). Lovley bromance between Steed and Brodny/ The lecture by Bloodyoctopus (Adult/18+/slash) slash fiction pairing Cathy Gale and Emma Peel/Peacock's village (Adult/18+/ slash) by PEJA another slash fiction pairing Steed and Mother

3-1-2014  Where a Man's Got to Work Out Which Side He's On by Timelessapeel (GEN). Dr. Martin King tends to an unexpected patient late one evening in 1962/ A girl called Elise by Jodiff (Adult/18+). When Mrs Peel arrives at Steed's apartment unexpectedly she is somewhat irked to find he has a young female guest...


29-12-2013  A Parisian Reunion (rated adult/18+)  by Celluloidbroomcloset - A Steed and Emma post-reunion story/ Christmas Present (PG) by Celluloidbroomcloset - It's the year 1977 Steed and Emma spent a romantic Christmas in Emma's cottage/ Soft fingertips, hard palms (adult/ 18+) by Bloodyoctopus

16-12-2013 Gardener's Killing Time (rated M) by Argonaut57  The unusual murder of a prominent scientist and his assistant is clearly a case for Mr Steed and Mrs Peel. But what is the connection with a vial of unusual vegetable oil?/ Jason and the Cybernauts (rated T) by Marcus Rowland - An ordinary day in Cardiff... in which Torchwood has to deal with robot assassins, alien children, a superhero and threatening phone calls from Sarah Jane Smith. Torchwood / Avengers UK / The very last of the Cybernauts (rated K+) by Mucus Membrane  - An idea as to the origin of the Cybernauts - and why Torchwood would be interested in them. All three stories are Torchwood /The Avengers crossovers./ Remonstrance (GEN) by Celluloidbroomcloset - Steed's angry post TFMK, TNA

6-12-2013 Anyone who had a robot (GEN) by Liadt - A The Avengers/Dr Who crossover; In an AU Kaldor City where robots have taken over Toos and Uvanov fall through a crack in time. Finding themselves in 1960's London they meet Cathy Gale and Polly.

3-12-2013  The sword and the pen (GEN/SFW) by Bloodyoctopus - the beginning of a Steed and Emma reunion story

29-11-2013 Garters, Part 2 (Adult/18+)  second part of the Steed and Emma story by Celluloidbroomcloset / Confessions (mostly SFW) by Bootsandbowlers  said about it:  "This is rather cheesy and sentimental, but I think it’s kind of cute."/second part of the Alternate Universe TFMK story  A love so much refined, Part 2  (PG- 13) byAnglophilia (mtcsquared)/ SSP (Adult/18+) by Bloodyoctopus - Steed and Emma, who else?/TNA- Story - The cottage down the hill (rated T) by Elements of Sapphire. "Mike already felt awful knowing their latest mission involved dragging Purdey away from the Ministry Christmas Party, but he can't help but feel worse when they're cold in the middle of nowhere, and he's the one to blame."/TNA-story by  Oh, hello Larry! (rated T) by Elements of Sapphire -After their return from Canada Purdey and Mike have some questions, but they can't help but think Steed is hiding something

16-11-2013 Garters part 1 ( Adult/18+) by Celluloidbroomcloset  - Steed and Mrs Peel focused/ The past can become your future, chapter 8 (GEN) by Lotsofbrolly/ In nex liberatio, Part 5 (PG-13) by Bloodyoctopus

8-11-2013 In nex liberatio, 4 parts  (Part1 GEN/ Parts 2-4 Adult /18+)by Bloodyoctopus  Contains Vampire! Emma and Peter Peel, Dracula and Steed.

8-11-2013 A love so much refined (GEN) by Anglophilia (mtcsquared) - an Alternate Universe post TFMK story

7-11-2013 The past can become your future - Chapter 2 - 7 (GEN) by Lotsofbrolly - Steed and Emma Knight have a date

2-11-2013 The past can become your future - Chapter 1  (GEN) by Lotsofbrolly - Steed makes a phonecall/ A secret moment-witnessed (Adult/18+) by Bloodyoctopus - Steed is watching Emma/ Untitled (Adult/18+) by Bloodyoctopus - Steed is eager to please the lady

30-10-2013 A Question of Balance ( GEN) by Weir Needed - Steed's reaction when Emma is leaving in TFMK

18-10-2013 The Bracelet (rated PG-13) by Celluloidbroomcloset - A semi-post ep fic from The Town of No Return, just a bit of fluffy romance, really.

15-10-2013 Blindfolds rated Adult/18+ by Bootsandbowlers and Celluloidbroomcloset

6-10-2013 The Bomb rated Adult/18+ and The Accident rated GEN  and A page from Steed's journal Part 1 rated GEN by Mona Morstein and A page from Steed's journal Part 2 rated GEN by Mona Morstein / Close Enough rated Adult/18+ by Errant Etta/ The Hours between rated Adult/ 18+ by Myrtle Groggins / The Mind of a Heart rated Adult/ 18+ by R.L.Wilson/ A Day at the Seaside rated Adult/18+ by J.M.Galloway/ A DayTrip  rated Adult/18+ by Lotsofbrolly/ The New Avengers rated GEN by Ann Maughan
5-10- 2013 What is this thing we're doing? rated PG-13/NSFW  by Bloodyoctopus - sequel to the John Steed and Cathy Gale story A arrogant cad   

3-10-2013 Steed of Amber - collection of stories hosted on Cal Westray's site. It's a series of journals, diaries, and tales based upon John Steed, Prince of Amber, where Steed is a character in a role game called Amber/ Bruises rated Adult/18+ by Timeless A-Peel - TNA Purdey gets hurt. Gambit heals.

29-9-13  Propiety rated PG by Ben Adams - Doctor Cathy Gale returns from her undercover assignment to what.?/ A funeral for Mrs Peel rated PG by Marcelo/ Forgiven, but not forgotten rated PG by Cal Westray - continuation of the episode "The Forget-Me-Knot"/ The Avengers Affair by Lyle Peterson - a The Man from U.N.C.L.E./Avengers crossover tale/ Spies like Who? PG- by Clarissa -What happens when the TARDIS lands outside John Steed's flat in 1960s London? A Doctor Who/The Avengers Crossover.

28-9-13 Remastered files: The Watch (Adult/18+) by Mona Morstein/ The Chair (Adult/18+) by Mona Morstein/  (The) Baking Bread Triology: Part I, Part II, Part III (Adult/18+) by Errant Etta Chains of temptations (Adult/18+) by J.M.Rolls/ Sweet persuasion by Errant Etta (Adult/18+) The Stable (Adult/18+) by Mona Morstein / The Waiting (Adult/18+) by Mona Morstein/ A day at the seaside (Adult/18+) by J.M. Rolls /Man-eater of Bowling Green (PG) by Myrtle Groggins/

22-9-2013  -  Goddess  story by Bloodyoctopus and doodle by Sinus, Adult/ 18+
20-9-2013 -  An untitled The Avengers story   by My-name-isnt-a-song; four parts (2,3,4,) so far, not rated by the author (I would say a careful PG-15)
19-9-2013  -  Knight  by Bloodyoctopus, A chess game between Steed and Emma turns intense, PG - 13
18-19 2013  -  The house that Jack built - post episode by Celluloidbroomcloset, Adult/ 18+/ NC-17
15-9-2013  -  The dream  by Celluloidbroomcloset , Steed has a distressing dream and Mrs. Peel comforts him AU , PG

6-9-2013     -  An arrogant cad  by Bloodyoctopus  Adult/ 18+/ NC-17 a Steed and Cathy Gale story